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Google Changed Its Algorithms! Better days are coming!

Google made in November 2023 a core algorithm update, and it’s a major change!! Lots of websites were affected, and people are arguing and complaining all over the internet!

In this online search universe, staying up-to-date with their updates has its advantages. Digital marketers, bloggers, content creators, and businesses are affected almost instantly when major updates are rolled up. In the end, after all those are affected, the end user will see major changes also, when searching different topics, since websites are ranked and displayed based on what the algo is thinking that you want.

Wait, what?

Wait, but what are these algorithms?
A complex system that fetches data from their search index to provide the best results for a search query. It uses different rules to rank web pages based on relevance. Initially, Google made few updates, but now they make thousands yearly. While most changes are small and go unnoticed, sometimes there are big updates that significantly affect search results.


Why it is a major change?

1.     Google’s algorithm alterations prioritize valuable content rather than optimization techniques, so content creators will be affected -> Thank you for this, since your first search pages were full of content with no real value.
2.     Google currently demands top-tier quality from all articles -> This means that in time, the articles that will get to the first page will have good quality!
3.     In 2024, SEO success relies on high-caliber human-generated content, so…say goodbye to fully AI-made content.
4.     Highlighting expertise and experience in content is encouraged by Google! Looking forward to this one!

Algorithm changes explained

Google is consistently improving its algorithms by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to better comprehend user intent and provide more precise search results. This means that they use AI to analyze AI-generated content.

Google Algorithm

BERT Advancements

(Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers): Introduced by Google in 2019, BERT continues to enhance its language understanding capabilities. In 2023, BERT’s impact on search queries becomes even more notable as it improves its ability to grasp context and language nuances, ensuring more accurate search results.

Core Web Metrics

They enforced the necessity of offering users a smooth browsing experience, making Core Web Vitals a critical determinant in search rankings.

Privacy of Data

Websites with strong security measures, such as HTTPS, are likely to experience an elevation in rankings, reflecting their commitment to safeguarding user information. Tailed Method recommends to any site owner to add another layer of security to its website!

Google gives priority to quality so websites with real content, made by true professionals are more likely to secure higher rankings when compared with the over-used ones that have only AI content.

As the workforce embraces hybrid models, algorithms consider the evolving nature of user queries related to remote work, flexibility, and productivity. Content addressing these trends may witness increased visibility in search results.

Is SEO Dead?

So, reading this, you might ask yourself a question: Is SEO finally dead? And you are not the only one. This is one of the most asked questions today. No, it isn’t dead, so don’t believe all those fancy YouTube titles, with graveyards, people crying, and so on! People have been predicting its end almost since it began, but it is still here, and SEO is even stronger than it was 20 years ago. As always, it just changed, and what worked then, won’t work now!


LinkedIn We all know the AI + Emoji + templates are still working for you, but, hopefully, you are taking this example and started working on similar changes, to support the professionals who are posting high-quality content! Thanks in advance for this!

Final Word

At Tailed Method, we are keeping our promise, and give you quality content, humanly generated!

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