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Cyber security is on everyone’s lips these days. This domain has gained massive importance in the last couple of years, especially when data breaches are common now. With so many “hackers” the need for specialized cyber cops increased dramatically. Have you ever heard of the dark web? Are you afraid of “the mother”? You should […]

Feeling Frustrated by Irrelevant Job Postings on LinkedIn? You’re not alone. Many professionals searching for their next opportunity find LinkedIn’s suggestions lame. But have you considered why this is happening? Is it a lack of relevant jobs in your field or is it something else? Here’s a closer look at how LinkedIn’s business model might […]

If you are like me (and all the other professionals), YouTube is the place where you would go to put your buds and listen to music when you are working. Or watch a good explanation on some tech stuff. Or see better entertainment than what could be seen on TV. Nowadays, our preferred platform looks […]

In a world full of assumptions, it’s common for many to believe that a career in the gaming industry is reserved solely for those whose lives have been deeply connected to games. This stereotype paints a picture of industry professionals as avid gamers who have spent their childhoods and adult lives with controllers in hand, […]

Salaries in a job advert? On LinkedIn? In a bear market? Yes, it is possible, and in today’s competitive job market, the topic of salary transparency is gaining significant importance.

Amidst its features packages, one tool often underestimated in its potential impact is the humble LinkedIn notification bell. And it is a free one (or it still is)