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Read These 6 Free Tips Before Applying For A Job In Gaming:

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to work in Games, you want to create parts of them, test them, or find and hire the people who can do this. You should not rush with sending your CV before reading the free tips below!

Startup vs Corporate

Sts VS Corp

When considering your career in the gaming industry, the first decision is around choosing between a startup environment and an established gaming company. Both options present unique attributes, and understanding them can aid you in making an informed choice aligned with your professional goals.

Luckily for you, Tailed Method made an entire article about this! Check it out here: Gaming: Startup vs. Corporate!

A Word before the tips

When looking to work in the gaming industry, it is crucial not to hastily send your CV to every company without careful consideration. Finding a position that matches your skills and interests takes time and research. Additionally, it is important to tailor your CV and cover letter to each specific job application, highlighting relevant experiences and qualifications. Remember to thoroughly research the company you are applying to and showcase your enthusiasm for the gaming industry in your application materials.

Before going any further, please acknowledge that Gaming is an industry, and like every other industry, it has to make money. And it makes! Charming 50 years of Video Game Revenue is the article you should read to understand how much money it makes!

Let’s explore, 6 free tips, that will help YOU get a job in this industry faster!

Also, you will improve your CV creation skills!


1st Tip

Industry-Relevant CV Details

  • Ensure your CV showcases industry-specific expertise. Avoid generalities like “IT software” if the job demands a gaming experience. Tailor your CV to align with the specific needs mentioned in the description. You can include a summary highlighting your experience in the industry.

2nd Tip

Highlight Your Passion

  • Even without direct industry experience, demonstrate your enthusiasm. Incorporate a brief mention of hobbies or activities related to gaming to showcase your genuine interest and understanding.
  • We have an entire article regarding “Passion”. It is called “Is passion “a critical must-have” for a career in games recruitment?”. Check it!

3rd Tip

Personalize Your Application

  • If the job is your top choice, state why! Share why this role resonates with you and mention your fervor for the gaming industry. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s feature to mark it as a top choice!
  • Look, I am a recruiter for a full-time job. I’ve spent my last 5 years in gaming, and I’ve been a gamer since I know myself. I review CVs daily and talk with worldwide industry professionals, and everyone says the same thing: Personalize your application. If you do not show WHY, you won’t get the job. Especially if you are not from Games!

4th Tip

Leverage Networking Opportunities:

  • Reach out to the person who posted it. Personalized messages can leave a positive impression. Networking often opens doors that a standard application might not. Still, be patient in receiving an answer!
  • Embrace this path and uncover the true meaning of success beyond superficial achievements and titles.

5th Tip

Don’t Hesitate If You Understand the Industry

  • Even if you don’t meet all the role criteria but possess a profound understanding of games and the industry, apply!
  • Your insight could make you a great fit, providing a valuable chance for success.
  • Don’t forget our 3rd Rule: Personalize your application!

6th Tip

Stay Informed and Keep Learning

  • Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and emerging game genres.
  • Continuous learning enhances your adaptability and demonstrates your commitment to staying at the forefront of this dynamic field.
  • In addition to that, it makes you valuable for any company that wants to hire a true professional, like you!
  • For Recruiters: Check our Simple Strategies to Stay Relevant As A Recruiter Article!

BONUS Section

Nothing in REAL LIFE can be summarized into 3,6,9,10 tips/rules. These titles are just SEO-optimized ones, made using “power words” so that Google and other similar platforms put your article on the first page.

Power Word

Tailed Method is all about being honest and true. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are for showing off, so let’s be honest. Everyone wants their articles to be on the first page and generate traffic 😉

Now, let’s see those bonuses!

1st Bonus

Did you miss the Application Deadline? There’s Hope!

2nd Bonus

Reality Check

  • The industry thrives on innovation and passion. Tailoring your application to showcase your unique strengths and affinity for gaming could be your pathway to success.
  • However, please keep in mind the fact that like you, there are millions of other passionate gamers who are applying, so do not expect that the “Easy Apply” button will work as intended.

3rd Bonus


  • Patience is a key factor in your job application process, and some even say that being a job seeker looks like a “full-time job”!

4th Bonus

Alternative Methods

  • Looking for your next (or first) challenge on LinkedIn, and nothing shows up? We have put together a list of alternative methods to help YOU find your next colleagues! Here: Alternative Ways

A word before

  • Tailed Method will never tell you that all the jobs that are present out there are good, or should be taken under any consideration since this would not be the REALITY!


Honestly, even though some of the gaming jobs that you are seeing look good, we encourage YOU to further inspect the company, culture, work-life balance, and also, salary!

Do not forget that doing your due diligence can save your career!

Best of luck with your applications!

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