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In a world full of assumptions, it’s common for many to believe that a career in the gaming industry is reserved solely for those whose lives have been deeply connected to games. This stereotype paints a picture of industry professionals as avid gamers who have spent their childhoods and adult lives with controllers in hand, […]

Did you know the video game revenue is more than $180 billion? 50 years already…Video games have come a long way—from facing near extinction due to a market crash to becoming today’s top-earning entertainment sector. Seriously, do you still remember those old times, when we were playing games directly on our TV? Is the word […]

Similar to 2023, 2024 looks like it’s going to be packed with lots of games, and stories. It doesn’t look like game developers are slowing down any in 2024. The year just started, and we already have astonishing titles coming out!!! Regardless of players’ genre and platform preferences the upcoming games in 2024 already have something for […]

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to work in Games, you want to create parts of them, test them, or find and hire the people who can do this. You should not rush with sending your CV before reading the free tips below! Startup vs Corporate When considering your career in the gaming industry, […]

Startup vs. Corporate in Gaming – Choose Wisely! After you brought your Reign of Chaos to the world while staying on a Frozen Throne and contending with Lilith over the right to attend a Football Game, one of your relatives called Altaïr was busy climbing walls, hiding from that DoomGuy, and the other rebel one, […]